The Ugly Show from award-winning comedian Maddie Houlbrook-Walk and a diverse ensemble of female performers.

A world premier will play at the recently opened Flight Path Theatre. The Ugly Show is a celebration of the anti-aesthetic. No make-up. No sequins. The un-instagrammable show that finds beauty in the uglies.

Tackling the big issues – gender and bodies, with absolutely no style. This is a devised show that humorously explores the disparity between the bodies we see on stage and the bodies we live in.

Part theatre, part sketch comedy, part performance art, entirely NOT PRETTY.

Created and produced by a diverse all-female team, The Ugly Show brings a fresh perspective to the way bodies are perceived and experienced. It aims to reclaim the language previously used to vilify and oppress those who do not meet contemporary beauty standards. The production’s success and ethos lies in the power of visibility; the importance of representation of diverse bodies on screen and stage, and the ability to take joy in the most unglamorous aspects of ourselves.

Director Maddie Houlbrook-Walk was inspired to create The Ugly Show whilst on tour earlier this year. The Ugly Show features an ensemble cast of four women from different backgrounds who bring a multitude of perspectives on what it means to feel ugly. Taking massive creative risks, these amazing women have made themselves extremely vulnerable in the devising process for a show which explores a very personal topic.

The Ugly Show which promises to deliver a thoughtful message with humour and gracelessness plays 13-17 November at Flight Path Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville 2204

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