Coming soon to ABC - the premiere of new live action kids comedy The Listies Work for Peanuts from award-winning kidult comedy duo The Listies

The Listies are Rich (the smart one) and Matt (the other one), odd couple house mates who USED to have the most successful online fail video. Now that cash flow has dried up and their new 83/4 -year-old landlord Abernathy Peanuts wants her rent money, like now, the Listies have to get something called a... job? To the internet! In a desperate quest to fill the rent jar and keep a roof over their heads, Rich and Matt attempt various jobs from the fantastically plain, to the plainly fantastical.

Filled with enthusiasm but capable of almost nothing, they try flat-pack furniture construction, stage acting, movie writing (for the real-life, actual TV and Movie star™ Justine Clarke), burp-jar polishing (for author Andy Griffiths of the Treehouse book series) and even Easter Bunnying.

Unfortunately Abernathy Peanuts means business and calculates that these two bozos are twenty cents away from being evicted. Can the Listies do a good job even though they have to Work for Peanuts?

The Listies Work for Peanuts premieres on ABC ME Monday, 11th November at 4.35pm with episodes going out daily. It will be available on ABC iview and the ME app. See the terribly fun trailer here.