Long overdue revival of an Albee classic.

In November, Sydney Classic Theatre Company will present a long overdue revival of Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance directed by Victor Kalka.

Agnes and Tobias are seemingly content with their suburban lives, despite dealing with Agnesʼ unrepentant alcoholic sister, Claire, and their serially divorced daughter, Julia. Then their best friends, Edna and Harry, arrive uninvited, fleeing a nameless terror, and announce they are moving in. Gradually cracks appear in the smooth veneer of the household and decades-long unspoken resentments bubble to the surface.

Albee’s scalpel sharp comedy is a funny yet profoundly moving examination of a group of people gripped by an existential malaise. “A Delicate Balance portrays a group of people caught between doing what is right and what is easy,” said Kalka. “If we judge the characters for their actions, we also need to take a long hard look at our current situation. Are we doing all we can? Albee’s writing is incredibly prescient, and it is hard to imagine that this play has not been staged in Sydney since 1998.”

A Delicate Balance won Albee the Pulitzer Prize in 1967 and will play November 7-16 at Chippen Street Theatre. Tickets here. More information about Sydney Classic Theatre Company here.

Cast: James Bean, Martin Bell, Alison Chambers, Zoë Crawford, Suzann James, Alice Livingstone