Ensemble Theatre will stage the Australian Premiere of Kate Hennig’s The Last Wife, which takes a fresh look at this stunning historical drama examining the dangerous sparring between King Henry VIII and his last wife, Katherine Parr, during a very complex and bloody time in English history.

Henry VIII was King of England from 1509 until his death in 1547 but it seems Henry is best known for his six marriages. Smart and confident, Katherine Parr became the restorer of Henry VIII’s court, uniting his children and making sure they were presented to the world as a close-knit family. She was instrumental in his legitimate children’s educations and passed legislation that made his previously illegitimate children, legitimate again.

Though she is known as one of Henry VIII’s wives, Katherine Parr created her own place in history. Having been married four times (Henry was her third husband), she became the most married queen of England.

The Last Wife, directed by Mark Kilmurry, opens 30 August at Ensemble Theatre.