The God of Isaac By James Sherman is described as “a serious comedy” and a multi-dimensional love story.

It’s 1977 in Skokie, Illinois. When Isaac Adams, a second-generation American Jewish journalist, learns of a plan for a group of neo-Nazis to stage a demonstration in Skokie, Illinois, he wonders what, if anything, his involvement should be. Because Isaac was raised in a non-observant home, his Jewishness had been of no relevance to him, “being Jewish meant no more than being righthanded”.

Determined to find the truth, Isaac goes on a quest to find answers about his heritage, his mother, and himself. Consequently, it impacts his life in unexpected ways including the toll it takes on his relationship with his mother and the non-Jewish wife whom he loves.

Written by celebrated American playwright James Sherman and to be directed by Moira Blumenthal, the Australian premiere of The God of Isaac plays at the Eternity Playhouse, Darlinghurst from 5 to 22 September. From Shalom and Moira Blumenthal Productions.